28 Aug 2016

APPEA congratulates Michael Gunner and Territory Labor on their election victory and looks forward to working with the new government to secure the Northern Territory’s energy future.

Territory Labor has a policy of imposing a moratorium on the use of hydraulic fracturing to develop the Territory’s onshore gas resources.

APPEA has argued against the policy, but acknowledges it reflects concern in the community over the industry’s impacts – all too often stirred up by the false and exaggerated claims of opponents.

Labor has set clear preconditions for the review of this policy. The gas industry will work with the new government to enable those conditions to be met and ensure the Northern Territory’s natural gas resources can continue to be developed for the benefit of all Territorians.

“There is no reason for a moratorium on the gas industry in the NT,” APPEA Northern Territory director Matthew Doman said.

“Every reputable study confirms that, properly regulated, our industry is safe. We understand that many people are uncertain about the industry, largely because of activists’ fear campaigns. The industry is working with pastoralists, Traditional Owners and the wider community to address these concerns.”

Mr Doman said it was notable that the political parties that had campaigned hardest against fracking attracted very little support from Territorians. The Greens attracted less than 3 per cent of votes, around one third of the Territory-wide vote they received at the recent Federal election, while the One Territory party won less than 4 per cent of the vote.

APPEA also thanked outgoing Chief Minister Adam Giles for his strong support of the development of the Territory’s natural resources.

“The natural gas industry will continue to work hard developing open and mutually beneficial relationships with landholders and local communities while creating jobs and investment that benefit all Territorians,” Mr Doman said. Download PDF

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