21 Jul 2021

APPEA in the Media: Seismic survey report shows industry and fisheries can co-exist

APPEA Chief Executive Andrew McConville appeared on ABC Kimberley yesterday morning to discuss new research from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), which announced on 20 July that marine seismic surveys (common in offshore oil and gas exploration) have no significant impact on commercial fish in northwestern Australia. Mr McConville stressed that the study provided further evidence that the oil and gas industry and fishing industry could co-exist.

The segment with Mr McConville, conducted by presenter Ed Cowlishaw, can be accessed below. Alternatively, the full, hour-long episode can be accessed here, with Mr McConville’s appearance starting at about six minutes in.


APPEA CEO Andrew McConville interviewed by ABC Kimberley presenter Ed Cowlishaw about the latest AIMS marine seismic survey research – 20 July, 2021