10 Feb 2016

Following the Paris Climate Change Conference, APPEA has developed a second edition of its Climate Change Policy Principles document to further assist policymakers in developing efficient and effective responses to this major global issue.

APPEA supports a national climate change policy that delivers greenhouse gas emissions reductions at least cost and facilitates broad-based investment decisions consistent with there being an international price on carbon.

Natural gas is integral to effective climate change policy. Natural gas is ideally suited as a complement to renewable electricity generation because gas generation plants can be rapidly turned on and off to respond to changes in intermittent generation from renewable sources.

Climate policy must be fully integrated and consistent with policies in other areas – including energy, international trade, taxation, economic growth, population, and environmental and social responsibility.

APPEA climate change policy: key points

  1.  International engagement is crucial.
  2.  Climate change and energy policies must be integrated and harmonised.
  3.  Climate change adaptation strategies are necessary.
  4.  Climate policy must not compromise national or global economic development or energy security.

For more information and a more detailed discussion of these policies, see APPEA’s publication, Climate Change Policy Principles.