10 Mar 2021

APPEA welcomes Centre of Decommissioning Australia

The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) welcomes the launch of the Centre of Decommissioning Australia.

APPEA CEO Andrew McConville said the Centre, established by National Energy Resources Australia (NERA), will complement APPEA’s extensive work on health, safety and environmental decommissioning outcomes.

“We look forward to partnering with NERA and the Centre of Decommissioning Australia to continue leading best-practice decommissioning outcomes that preserve Australia’s precious marine environment and support new, diverse ecosystems.”

“As oil and gas structures come to the end of their lifespans, the industry is committed to responsibly managing its infrastructure in a way that maximises the ecological, social and economic opportunities for regional communities across Australia. With the right policy settings, the opportunities are significant.”

Mr McConville said APPEA was a respected thought leader on decommissioning and have already contributed significantly to the Government’s decommissioning policy framework under development.

“The Centre of Decommissioning Australia will provide credible, evidence-based research which will support and complement APPEA’s decommissioning policy development and advocacy.”

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