18 Mar 2021

APPEA welcomes new McGowan Cabinet

The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) welcomes the McGowan Government’s new Cabinet.

The industry is pleased that Minister Bill Johnston has been re-appointed to the Mines and Petroleum and Energy portfolios.

“Minister Johnston has been a steady pair of hands for the oil and gas industry. He has a deep understanding of the sector and I’m looking forward to continuing our strong working relationship,” APPEA’s WA State Director Claire Wilkinson said.

“When COVID-19 hit, we worked very well together to keep the industry running and support local jobs.”

Deputy Premier Roger Cook will continue in the Health portfolio and take on State Development, Jobs and Trade, and Science.

“Minister Cook has been an integral part of the Government’s response to COVID-19, and we welcome his reappointment as Health Minister.

“With the addition of the State Development, Jobs and Trade and Science portfolios to his responsibilities, I expect to work even more closely with Minister Cook to ensure natural gas can continue to support local jobs and drive the economic recovery of our State.”

Amber-Jade Sanderson has been appointed to the portfolios of Environment and Climate Action.

“Ms Sanderson has proven that she is very capable of dealing with complex issues and a variety of stakeholders. This experience will serve her well in these important portfolios.

“I hope to work closely with Ms Sanderson so that natural gas can be part of a lower emissions future and accelerate a cleaner energy mix for WA.”

In February, APPEA released Powering Western Australia: APPEA’s WA State Election Platform. The platform calls for continued collaboration, stable policy settings to attract investment, and a role for natural gas in a cleaner energy future. APPEA will work with the incoming Cabinet on these priority issues.

Ms Wilkinson said: “With State Government support, Western Australia can leverage the strengths of our world-class oil and gas sector to become the global leader in lower emission energy technologies such as hydrogen and carbon capture and storage.”

At APPEA’s WA Energy Sector Forum in March, Minister Bill Johnston highlighted onshore development as a priority for the incoming Government and will look to finalise implementation of the recommendations from the Independent Scientific Panel Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation that handed down its Final Report in September 2018.

“The industry is committed to responsible onshore development that creates local jobs, supports regional development and protects our environment,” Ms Wilkinson said.

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