18 Jul 2016

APPEA welcomes the appointments of Josh Frydenberg as Minister for the Environment and Energy and Senator Matt Canavan as Minister for Resources and Northern Australia.

APPEA Chief Executive Dr Malcolm Roberts said: “The Holy Grail of policy is integrated environment and energy policies, which can deliver lower emissions and affordable energy security.

“Combining environment and energy into a single portfolio is a bold move that should be supported by everyone seeking sound long-term policy.  Environmental policy is often energy policy and vice versa.

”Mr Frydenberg’s understanding of resources and energy issues will be an asset.  Governments have the responsibility of balancing competing priorities to deliver good policy – the Minister understands the policy choices Australia faces as we make the transition to a lower emissions future.”

Dr Roberts also congratulated Senator Canavan on his appointment to cabinet as Minister for Resources and Northern Australia.

“Senator Canavan will bring energy and intellect to his new role,” Dr Roberts said.

“As a Senator representing regional Queensland, the Minister knows firsthand the vital contribution the resources sector makes to regional communities.   The industry looks forward to working with Minister Canavan.

“It is a critical time for the energy sector.  As recent developments in South Australia show, we face some challenging transitional issues that require more than just policy posturing.  Announcing grand targets and new grants programs can capture headlines but is not a substitute for careful – and preferably bipartisan – policy work.

“The industry would welcome an early meeting of the COAG Energy Council to develop a genuinely national strategy with the States and Territories for a secure transition to cleaner energy.

“Josh Frydenberg understands the issues and is well placed to provide the leadership required.”


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