18 Oct 2013

The Australia Institute’s latest attack on the oil and gas industry is undermined by its own ‘research’ findings.

While the Greens affiliate think tank critiques the industry’s efforts to explain the economic significance of natural gas production and use throughout the economy, its own survey findings show that Australians are almost 10 times more concerned by “economic growth and development” than they are about coal seam gas production.

APPEA Director External Affairs, Michael Bradley said: “Out of the 15 issues nominated by the Institute, coal seam gas ranked 13th as a matter of concern, with only 2 per cent of survey respondents saying it is their top concern. Yet “economic growth and development” was the top priority of 18% of respondents.

“The natural gas industry will continue its public information campaign to explain to Australians the consequences of the actions advocated by groups such as The Greens and their partners at The Australia Institute.

“2012 modelling by Deloitte Access Economics showed that the oil and gas industry was responsible for the creation of more than 100,000 jobs across the Australian economy last year.*

“It also paid $8.8 billion in taxes, and more than four million Australian households and businesses are connected to the natural gas network.

“Saying no to gas development has enormous consequences, particularly at a time when Australians are trying to understand where the next wave of jobs and investment will come from.

“Developing new supplies is absolutely critical if Australia wants to put downward pressure on energy prices, meaningfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and bring on the next wave of Australia’s prosperity.”

*Source: http://www.www.appea.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/120625_DAEreportAPPEAfinal.pdf

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