13 May 2024

Australian oil and gas sector delivers record contribution to government revenues in 2023-24

Australia’s oil and gas industry is on track to deliver more than $17 billion in taxation revenue to federal, state and territory governments this financial year, underscoring the sector’s critical role in Australia’s economy and energy security.  

Australian Energy Producers’ latest financial survey of members reveals that industry is expected to pay $17.1 billion in taxes in 2023-24, up by 5.3 per cent from the $16.3 billion in 2022-23. The payments include company income tax, Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT), state royalties and excise. 

The $17 billion in tax receipts helps fund essential services for all Australians, equivalent to building 11 new public hospitals, 250 schools or covering the healthcare costs of 1.76 million Australians, said Australian Energy Producers Chief Executive Samantha McCulloch. 

“The latest survey results represent the highest revenue contribution to date, helping governments fund essential services and infrastructure like roads, schools and hospitals,” Ms McCulloch said. 

“The survey also showed the industry will spend over $41 billion on Australian goods and services this financial year, supporting local jobs, businesses and communities.” 

Ms McCulloch said the results reinforced the Future Gas Strategy’s recognition of the crucial role of gas to Australia’s energy security and economy.  

“The strategy put beyond doubt that gas is essential to Australia’s energy transformation and investment in new gas supply is needed to ensure Australian households and businesses, and our trade partners, continue to have reliable and affordable energy,” Ms McCulloch said.   

“A Future Made in Australia is not possible without gas, and our national energy policy should reflect the central role gas will play in the Australian economy to 2050 and beyond.”

  2022-23 ($ million)  2023-24 projections ($ million2) 
Company tax  $8,805  $12,786 
PRRT  $1,849  $1,155 
Excise, Royalties and Fees  $4,967  $2,547 
All other taxes  $652  $656 
Total  $16,273  $17,145 


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