09 Sep 2013

The anti-gas campaigns of The Greens and the Katter Australia Party have seen them both lose significant support, with Australians strongly rejecting their anti-jobs and anti-investment policies.

For some time, the Greens have told Australians that natural gas development lacks support, and would be a major election issue. To test the credibility of this strategy, APPEA conducted an exit poll on Saturday which found Australians were overwhelmingly voting in response to their concerns about the economy, cost of living pressures, and immigration issues.

Natural gas issues scored zero per cent – not only as a spontaneous issue of concern, but also even when people leaving polling booths were prompted in the many seats polled attracting anti-gas attention from candidates.

An analysis of voting results in electorates where the Greens and Katter Party campaigned heavily against gas extraction shows that Australians rejected their message:



Primary Vote 2013


% change

Greens in Page

 (as of 10.15pm, 07/09)



27% fall

Greens in Groom

(10.38pm, 07/09)



40% fall

Katter in Kennedy

(12.26pm, 08/09)



37% fall

Greens in Richmond

(11.40am, 08/09)



8% rise

Greens in Maranoa

(4.26pm, 08/09)



40% fall

Greens in Gippsland

(5.30pm, 08/09)



18% fall

The natural gas industry will continue to work hard developing open and mutually beneficial relationships with landholders while creating jobs and investment that benefit all Australians.

For more information on Saturday’s election exit polling please visit www.ournaturaladvantage.com.au

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