16 Apr 2012

Australia’s natural coal seam gas (CSG) producers are today continuing an information campaign focussing on the investment, jobs, environmental benefits, and enormous opportunities the industry now generates.

Produced by the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA), the apolitical campaign shows how CSG is providing much-needed opportunities for regional communities at a time of economic insecurity.

Rick Wilkinson, APPEA’s Chief Operating Officer – Eastern Australia, said: “We’re getting strong community feedback in support of an industry now delivering a significant economic boost through megaprojects that will provide a clean energy source to Australian and international markets.

“This is despite the misinformation of professional activists lured to the anti-CSG bandwagon.

“It is interesting to note that exit polling at last month’s Queensland election found CSG was identified as a significant issue by only three per cent of voters.”

Mr Wilkinson said APPEA would continue to provide a strong voice in recognition of an industry that is now progressing with some of the biggest LNG projects in the world.

APPEA last month released CSG industry statistics, which show:

• The CSG industry now employs 12,113 people;

• In Queensland alone, the CSG industry recruited 2,409 people in just the second half of 2011 (or 93 new people every week);

• In Queensland alone, the CSG industry last year committed capital investment at the rate of more than $30,000 per minute;

• CSG now supplies more than one third of Eastern Australia’s natural gas; and,

• In Queensland alone, the industry signed 398 access agreements with Queensland landholders in the last quarter of 2011 (or 4 agreements per day) and there are now 2459 such agreements in place. Download PDF

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