04 Jul 2021

Celebrating NAIDOC Week

Today National NAIDOC Week begins, marking seven days of observance celebrating the history, achievements and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. NAIDOC Week will run from 4-11 July this year, with community events taking place all over Australia in celebration of Indigenous peoples. 

Following on from last year’s theme of “Always Was, Always Will Be”, which recognised the more than 65,000 years of First Nations history in Australia, the theme for NAIDOC Week in 2021 is “Heal Country!”, and the host city is Alice Springs. This year’s theme highlights the importance of Country, calling for greater protection of lands, waters, sacred sites and cultural heritage.  

APPEA and its members work closely with Land Councils, Native Title holders, Traditional Owners, and other relevant bodies at every stage of project development. Oil and gas projects can create socio-economic opportunities in Indigenous communities, boost training and employment, and encourage regional growth. The industry also operates to stringent environmental regulations, and frequently goes above and beyond to meet them. 

APPEA members are active in developing numerous community engagement initiatives, healthcare, social service, and Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) that foster ongoing collaboration and respect for the environments in which they work. 

Some of the oil and gas companies that have committed to RAPs include Chevron, INPEX, Shell Australia, Woodside, KPMG, Origin, and BHP. Others engage closely with First Nations communities through initiatives such as youth training, fire abatement programs, tree plantings, sport sponsorships, art projects, and scholarships. 

The National NAIDOC Awards Ceremony, an important part of NAIDOC Week celebrations recognising the contributions of Indigenous Australians in several categories, will take place later in the year due to COVID-19 concerns. More information can be found about this postponement here. 

For more information about NAIDOC Week events in your local community, pleasse visit the NAIDOC website here.