04 Dec 2015

APPEA is pleased to support the COAG Energy Council’s Gas Supply Strategy.

APPEA Chief Executive Malcolm Roberts said: “It is heartening to see such a strong endorsement by Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers that bringing more gas to market is fundamental ‘to solving our energy challenges’.

“The Council’s focus on increasing supply and the number of suppliers in the energy market is welcome. Ministers rightly agreed that removing obstacles to new supply is fundamental.

“The Council’s stance is especially timely given the final report of the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into unconventional gas is due next week”.

In response to suggestions from Energy Ministers, APPEA will produce an annual “Unconventional Gas Activities Report” providing consistent industry data across states and territories.

Mr Roberts said the report will be a convenient source of information on industry developments across Australia. The first report will be presented to the Energy Council next year.

“Access to clear and accurate information about the industry is critical to better community understanding of Australia’s gas industry,” Mr Roberts said.

“Unconventional gas simply refers to natural gas produced from coal seams and shale rather than traditional sandstone reservoirs.

“These sources are more and more important to ensuring that Australian households and industry have safe, reliable gas supplies. About 40% of the gas produced on the east coast – and 90% of the gas resources on the east coast – are ‘unconventional’. Unconventional gas is actually a very mainstream source of energy.

“Unfortunately, activists opposed to gas development regularly peddle inaccurate or misleading information. The Unconventional Gas Activities Report will consolidate the vast amount of information already reported publicly by gas producers into an accessible document.

“Unconventional gas is an increasingly important part of an Australian gas industry that provides jobs, clean energy and taxation revenues for governments.

“APPEA welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate how the industry is benefitting Australia.” Download PDF

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