16 May 2024

Media Release: Federal Opposition gas plan underscores importance of fuel to net zero

Australian Energy Producers welcomes the Federal Opposition’s plan announced in the Budget-in-Reply tonight to boost Australia’s energy and economic security by unlocking new gas production and fast-tracking urgently needed gas projects.

Australian Energy Producers Chief Executive Samantha McCulloch said the five-point plan “ramping-up domestic gas production for affordable and reliable energy in the more immediate term” put the focus on the new gas supply urgently needed across the country.

“The areas the Coalition have focused on identify many of the investment barriers threatening Australia’s chances of securing the economic and decarbonisation opportunity of gas,” she said.

“Faster environment approvals, unlocking new supply, defunding the Environmental Defenders Office, devising a new national gas infrastructure plan and more acreage releases – they’re all actions that can help industry invest and bring on new gas supply.”

Ms McCulloch said there was a broad consensus of support for gas, among key interest groups and both major political parties.

“There is an opportunity for bipartisanship with the Government’s Future Gas Strategy recognising the important role for gas and the Opposition making it central to their agenda,” she said.

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