15 Jan 2024

Green light for Barossa Project a win for Australia and our region

Australian Energy Producers welcomes today’s court decision to reaffirm key environmental approvals for the Santos Barossa project as a positive step to restoring investor and business confidence. 

“This brings to an end a period of significant uncertainty, substantial delays and costs incurred for the project as a result of a broken offshore environmental regulatory system,” Australian Energy Producers Chief Executive Samantha McCulloch said.

“Australia’s oil and gas industry has always sought better regulation, not less regulation.

“Comprehensive and effective consultation with Traditional Owners has been an important part of the work of our sector for decades and we are committed to it.

“However, vague and ambiguous regulations cannot be allowed to continue holding up important energy projects, postponing new supply that is needed to deliver energy security, emissions reduction and substantial economic returns for Australians.

“Reform of the offshore approvals system is urgently needed to put an end to the lawfare as activists seek to exploit the ambiguities in the regulations.

“We look forward to working with the Australian Government through its review of the offshore regulatory approvals system to ensure regulations provide clarity and certainty for industry while maintaining comprehensive and meaningful consultation with Traditional Owners and stakeholders.” 

The green light for this project will deliver significant and wide-ranging economic benefits, supporting thousands of new jobs, deliver critical stimulus into local communities as well as producing much-needed new gas supply to underpin energy security in Australia and our region.

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