26 Oct 2016

The latest non-peer reviewed report released by ‘The Australia Institute’ (TAI) is flawed speculation that ignores local, independent scientific research into fugitive gas emissions.

“Fugitive greenhouse gas emissions are an important issue for many industries, including the natural gas industry,” said APPEA Chief Executive Dr Malcolm Roberts.

“The gas industry has compelling environmental and economic reasons to minimise fugitive emissions. The industry strives to reduce its environmental footprint. Fugitive gas is gas that could otherwise be sold.

“The most recent field research by the CSIRO supports the accuracy of National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting of fugitive emissions. This research also confirms that, for various reasons, fugitive emissions from Australian wells will be considerably lower than US emissions, contradicting the TAI report’s key assumption.”

The CSIRO research can be found at this link.

Dr Roberts said the industry accepts that more knowledge about fugitive emissions is needed.

“The industry supports more research. When the latest research results are released soon, the industry will carefully assess how it can further reduce its fugitive emissions.

“While critics seek to alarm people about fugitive emissions, it is essential not to lose sight of the broader issue. Natural gas is a cleaner fuel that is helping to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Australia’s liquefied natural gas exports are replacing fuels that have far higher emissions.” Download PDF

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