21 Oct 2021

Media release: Award-winning mural installed in Wandoan

APPEA and the Wandoan Community Commerce and Industry Association are pleased to announce that for the first time the award-winning image and mural, PIPES IN SPACE by Phillip Woodhouse, will go on display in O’Sullivan Park at the entrance to Wandoan (at the Wandoan Community Hall) from today.

Sponsored by APPEA, Mr. Woodhouse won the 2020 In.Site Photographic competition for the Environment category. The In.Site Awards seek to use photography as way of showing how the natural gas industry and local community can work together successfully.

The award-winning photo shows a stockpile of new gas pipes, with the stars as a background, and was taken at 3am on a winter’s morning in Wandoan, Western Queensland.

Mr. Woodhouse, who has worked in the oil and gas industry for a number of years, said the stock of new pipes reflects the excitement and anticipation that is always there on a work site in the lead up to the actual construction of a new pipeline.

Another aim of the photo, he said, was to show the pipes in the unique early morning light, that was provided by the stars in outback Queensland, before they were placed under the ground to help with transportation of gas from the region.

Margarette Sinnamon, from the Wandoan Community Commerce and Industry Association, a voluntary group that works to further the economic and community development of Wandoan and surrounding districts, said:

‘Having this mural installed in Wandoan acknowledges that gas exploration is an industry that is now a part of our region. The mural will play a role in attracting travelers and tourists to the region though its promotion on tourism websites both locally and nationally. The WCCI congratulated Phillip on his award winning photo and thank APPEA for their foresight in having the mural installed in Wandoan.’

APPEA Chief Executive Andrew McConville said sponsoring the awards was another way of showing how gas plays an important role in the local community.

‘’We are constantly looking for ways to highlight how the environment, community and people working in the Australian natural gas industry can all come together. By using photography everyone can see the connection between the natural gas industry and the local areas we operate in’’ said Mr. McConville.

As part of the competition employees from all sectors of the oil and gas industry were invited to be involved and put forward photos of where they worked, the environment around them and the communities where they belong.