15 Jul 2021

Media release – Gas delivering local jobs boon to WA

The voice of the Australian oil and gas industry said today’s announcement by Chevron Australia that Ventia Australia Pty Ltd has been awarded a long-term master contract for maintenance work at Chevron-operated Gorgon natural gas facility is a major boost for the Western Australian economy and jobs.

APPEA Western Australian Director Claire Wilkinson said the contract will mean up to 700 jobs created with most to be sourced from local, regional and Western Australian candidates.

“Gas means local jobs, gas means economic prosperity for WA and gas means lower emissions. These 700 jobs are on top of the 80,000 direct and indirect jobs – and hundreds of thousands of Australian jobs that rely on the reliable, affordable and sustainable supply of oil and gas,” Ms Wilkinson said.

“Ventia has also committed to sourcing approximately 50 per cent of its subcontracted services from regional businesses in north-west Western Australia and tailored career pathways including traineeships and apprenticeships and working with indigenous suppliers.

“Western Australia’s gas industry is powering our homes, hospitals, mines and manufacturers by continuing to deliver reliable energy to the domestic market.”

“Our LNG exports, over half of which come from Western Australia, are also helping lower the world’s emissions. The Australian Government estimates Australia’s LNG has the potential to lower emissions in LNG importing countries by around 170 million tonnes CO2-e – each year by providing an alternative to higher emissions fuels – the equivalent of almost one-third of Australia’s total annual emissions.”

Ms Wilkinson said the Gorgon and Wheatstone projects have been and will continue to be major economic drivers for the Western Australian economy.

“Since 2009 the Chevron-operated Gorgon and Wheatstone Projects have delivered a range of benefits to Western Australia and the nation, including more than $60 billion in local content with almost 1,000 contracts to local Australian businesses,” she said.

“At full capacity, Gorgon and Wheatstone will have the capacity to produce 500TJ/d of domestic gas, around 50 per cent of current supply in WA.”

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