05 Jun 2023

Media Release: Gas key to Australia’s cleaner energy future: Industry launches public awareness campaign

Australia’s oil and gas industry has launched a new public awareness campaign, Natural Gas – Keeping The Country Running, highlighting the importance of natural gas to the nation.

The national campaign will highlight the many roles natural gas plays in society – creating products critical to everyday life, delivering substantial economic benefits, supporting tens of thousands of jobs and reducing emissions to help Australia reach net zero by 2050.

Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Chief Executive Samantha McCulloch said while most people knew gas fueled their barbecues, stoves and heaters, many were unaware of the critical role of gas in so many other aspects of their lives.

“Natural gas is keeping Australia running on the path to net zero,” Ms McCulloch said.

“This public awareness campaign will explain how gas is ensuring reliable energy for millions of Australian households and businesses while supporting renewables and emissions reductions.

“Gas is important to the Australian way of life in so many ways.

“Gas is a natural ally of renewables and is playing a growing role to keep the lights on as coal retires, backing up solar and wind as a stable and reliable source when renewables are unavailable.

“Gas supports tens of thousands of jobs in manufacturing and then there’s all the things in our homes made with the help of gas.

“If we removed gas-related products, so much of what we rely on everyday would disappear: beer bottles, the bricks that build our homes, glass in buildings, packaging and paper as well as fertilisers for agriculture.”

Natural gas facts can be found at the campaign website, futureofgas.com.au.


Ms McCulloch said the campaign would run across all media platforms in every state of Australia.

“Gas has never had a more important role to play in our energy mix and this campaign will share the many ways in which gas is central to our economy and everyday lives,” she said.

“The Australian gas industry is committed to playing its part to ensure the best outcomes for Australia throughout the energy transformation.”

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