01 Sep 2022

Media Release: Highly skilled oil and gas industry workforce critical to getting to net zero

The voice of Australia’s upstream oil and gas industry will represent its 80,000 workers today at the Federal Government’s Jobs and Skills Summit, demonstrating how its highly skilled workforce is critical to the nation’s cleaner energy future.

Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Chief Executive Samantha McCulloch will be among invited guests in Canberra, representing the workers responsible for delivering energy security and emission reductions at home and abroad.

Ms McCulloch said: “The oil and gas workforce will play a pivotal role in our cleaner energy future given the skills and expertise in the sector.

“If science and technology is to help get us there, then Australia will need the brains, skills and creativity of our people to facilitate it and our industry has a competitive advantage to do this.

“With gas set to play a critical role in a net zero world, the industry can be the foundation for the technologies and skills to get us there.

“Our sector employs 80,000 people upstream to power homes and businesses to deliver energy security and lower emissions, both in Australia and overseas.

“But these people do so much more – enabling almost $500 billion of annual economic activity and supporting countless other jobs given  the role of natural gas in firming renewables in electricity generation, facilitating manufacturing and transport, and  as a feedstock to hydrogen.

“Our members are already integrated energy companies and the skills of our workforce are transferrable to the decarbonisation technologies we will need at scale. For example, our skills in subsurface geology and reservoir characteristics give us a competitive advantage to deploy carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) technologies.

“Australia can also utilise its skills and knowledge as one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of natural gas to enable potential new energy exports such as hydrogen.

“The skills requirement of the oil and gas industry is strongly aligned with the future growth of the hydrogen industry.”

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