21 Dec 2023

Media Release: Lawler urged to maintain Beetaloo and Middle Arm net zero momentum

The Northern Territory’s oil and gas industry has urged the incoming Lawler NT Government to maintain the momentum behind the region’s major low-carbon energy projects to secure its economic goals.

Australian Energy Producers NT Director David Slama today congratulated Eva Lawler on becoming Chief Minister and welcomed the elevation of Mark Monaghan to Mining Minister responsible for gas policy.

Mr Slama said the oil and gas industry looked forward to working with the new government, including Kate Worden as Energy and Renewables Minister, to continue to deliver reliable and affordable energy supply.

He said onshore gas development in the Beetaloo Basin and the Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct were key drivers towards achieving a $40 billion NT economy by 2030.

“Middle Arm and the Beetaloo demonstrate how billions of dollars of economic benefits can flow in a net zero economy,” Mr Slama said.

“The Beetaloo is one of Australia’s most exciting new prospects for gas supply, delivering extraordinary economic benefits and boosting energy security for the NT and east coast energy market.

“Middle Arm is a low-carbon energy and industrial hub that will accelerate emissions reduction and attract regional investment.

“The NT Government itself has previously identified a potential $17 billion contribution to the Australian economy from Middle Arm’s gas manufacturing activities alone.”

Mr Slama thanked former chief minister Natasha Fyles and her deputy Nicole Manison for their support.

“Their government will enjoy a solid legacy having approved onshore gas development of the Beetaloo Basin earlier this year and progressed Middle Arm as a low-carbon energy hub,” he said.

“Ms Manison in particular has been a great champion for the industries in her portfolios and her legacy will be shown in the economic opportunities she unlocked for Territorians over the long-term.”

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