28 Sep 2022

Media Release: Queensland Energy Plan confirms ‘vital’ role for gas into the future

Queensland’s new energy roadmap has recognised the vital role of natural gas in a cleaner energy future.

The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) today said the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan confirmed a variety of roles for natural gas – firming renewables, powering manufacturing and mining, boosting hydrogen production and underpinning east coast energy security.

APPEA Queensland Director Matthew Paull said the plan complements the Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan and is another example of Queensland’s pragmatism, realism, and understanding of how to secure economic benefits and minimise disruption on the pathway to net zero.

Mr Paull said: “As a big investor in emissions reduction and renewable technologies, the oil and gas industry will play our part in reducing emissions across the economy by 2050.

“Today’s plan details how natural gas will be needed in that cleaner energy future for decades to come, with the government confirming it as a ‘vital energy source’ that is ‘critical’ to the state’s future.

“The plan also recognises the gas industry’s many and varied roles – replacing coal in electricity generation to firm renewables; providing essential feedstock and energy to the industrial and mining sectors; facilitating hydrogen production and ensuring reliable and affordable energy supply across Australia’s east coast electricity market.

“The Government makes it clear how important natural gas is to the future by outlining a growing role for gas and hydrogen in coming decades through to 2040.

“We welcome moves to develop a new 200 MW hydrogen-ready gas peaking power station at Kogan Creek and investigate options to connect the Bowen Basin to the east coast gas market, and options to secure additional gas storage for electricity needs.

“Our role backing up renewables and firming electricity is well understood, with forecasts of up to 3GW of low to zero emissions gas generation for peak demand periods and backup security in 2035.

“Longer term, our sector will play a key role in growing hydrogen supply as we have the expertise, infrastructure, and long-established trading relationships with major energy consumers in Asia

“The 30,000 workers employed in Queensland’s gas industry supply chain have helped create a sector that is delivering almost $6 billion in royalties to the State Budget – enough to provide healthcare for more than 150,000 Australians every year, or build 60 new schools,” he said.

“Our record-breaking gas exports from Gladstone are delivering extraordinary economic returns while helping importing nations decarbonise by switching from dirtier fuels from coal.”

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