22 Feb 2022

Media Release: Role of gas in cleaner energy future must be recognised in SA state poll

South Australia’s oil and gas industry is calling for all parties to acknowledge the role gas will play in a cleaner energy future and to focus policy efforts on protecting the state’s positive investment environment.

As the state election looms on March 19, the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) today releases its 2022 Election Platform aimed at maintaining the strong contribution of the sector to the state.

APPEA SA Director Claire Wilkinson said the industry had a long, successful history in South Australia, supporting jobs, economic activity, and the community, and would continue to do so in future decades.

“Reliable and affordable natural gas plays a critical role in lowering emissions and underpins technologies that will help us achieve a cleaner energy future,” Ms Wilkinson said.

“Gas is helping SA become a cleaner energy leader through efforts to deploy carbon capture use and storage, supporting the uptake of renewables, and developing new energy sources like hydrogen.

“South Australia has already done a lot of the heavy lifting. The state already has a robust and efficient regulatory system, encouraging business investment and creating jobs.

“But this must be maintained if the state is to keep at the forefront of the industry and as we accelerate decarbonisation through technology and new energy sources.”

The APPEA 2022 Election Platform recommends the next State Government ensures ongoing investment and reliable energy supply; reduces emissions and support a cleaner energy future; and maximises local benefits.

A recent study by the Australian Gas Industry Trust (AGIT) found how critical the sector was to South Australia, directly employing almost 11,000 FTE workers across the whole supply chain statewide and supporting more than 3,000 businesses.

Almost 150 of the workers last financial year were apprentices and trainees.

The AGIT study found the industry supply chain spent $1.792 billion in the state while delivering $1.1 billion in federal, state and local taxes, royalties and fees during 2020-21.

Ms Wilkinson said: “There is a massive opportunity to maintain that positive economic momentum – but we need to keep the policy settings conducive to encouraging more investment.

“We are committed to a cleaner energy future and as an industry are working hard on meeting our emissions reductions targets with a focus on net zero emissions by 2050 if not before.

“APPEA calls on the next State Government to be a proactive partner with industry and researchers to favourably position South Australia a global leader in emissions reduction technology, including in carbon, capture and storage, and as a domestic and global hydrogen producer and exporter.”

View the APPEA 2022 SA State Election Platform here.

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