10 Jun 2021

Media release – Science ignored for political gain

A Parliamentary committee led by the Greens has ignored good science in an effort to further ostracise the gas industry for political gain.


APPEA Chief Executive Andrew McConville said the recommendations made by the Environment and Communications references committee on the impact of seismic testing on fisheries and the marine environment fly in the face of science and reason. 


“This report is politically motivated with no sensible basis in fact,” Mr McConville said. 


“Seismic surveys have been proven to be safe time and time again. Independent research by the CSIRO and Geoscience Australia in the Bass Strait and Gippsland regions are proof of this.  


“Our industry is already doing far more than recommended, investing millions in research and environmental protection measures to safeguard Australia’s marine areas.” 


Mr McConville said APPEA also strongly supports the stringent environmental regulations governing seismic surveys and the role of NOPSEMA to ensure compliance. 


“Australian politicians need to use science, data and evidence to drive policy making, not ideology,” he said. 


“Australia’s oil and gas industry is committed to preserving our marine environment, supporting marine industries and responsibly managing all offshore operations. 


“Seismic surveys are crucial for new oil and gas projects that create thousands of jobs and bring millions of investment dollars to our regions. 


“Based on the considerable scientific evidence presented, there should be no hesitation from policy makers in embracing this technology.” 

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