02 Jun 2021

Media release — The market is working as another Gas Supply Agreement reached

The voice of Australia’s oil and gas industry said Gas Supply Agreements (GSAs) between Queensland-based gas producer Westside and Alinta Energy and CleanCo Queensland is further proof that the industry continues to deliver for the Australian economy.

Under the GSA with Alinta Energy, Westside and its joint venture partner, Mitsui E&P Australia Pty Ltd, will deliver a total of 3.65 PJ in calendar years 2022 and 2023.

CleanCo Queensland will purchase a total of 2.19 PJ of gas over 2023 and 2024 to fuel Swanbank E, CleanCo’s highly efficient 385 MW gas-fired power station near Ipswich in south-east Queensland.

APPEA Chief Executive Andrew McConville said the agreement shows the market is working.

“There have been more than 100 local GSAs since December 2012. This agreement will mean Swanbank E can keep running and continuing to play its key role in ensuring the ongoing reliability and stability of Queensland’s electricity network,” Mr McConville said.

“The oil and gas industry underpins around 80,000 direct and indirect jobs – and hundreds of thousands of Australian jobs rely on the reliable, affordable and sustainable supply of oil and gas.

“Australia’s oil and gas industry is helping ensure we keep the lights on at home, and our hospitals and other public facilities operating, by continuing to deliver energy to the domestic market.

“A recent EY report found that there is a national economic boost of over $350 billion and a boost to employment of around 220,000 jobs over the next 20 years if we can get the investment settings right.”

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