11 Apr 2016

The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) welcomes the opportunity to appear before the Senate Select Committee Inquiry into Unconventional Gas in Darwin tomorrow.

APPEA Director for South Australia and the Northern Territory Matthew Doman said it is essential the inquiry examines claims from all sides of the energy debate and hears from independent experts.

“The community’s understanding of industry and its importance to the Northern Territory cannot be enhanced by misinformation campaigns that displace fact and credible evidence,” he said.

“APPEA calls for a balanced, calm and fact-based discussion of this important industry.”

APPEA’s submission to the inquiry shows an industry that is safe, responsible and enormously beneficial to Australia, especially to regional communities.

The submission debunks common myths promoted by activist groups to misinform public debate.

The submission makes the following points:

  • There are over 70 primary Acts regulation the operation of the gas industry in Australia.
  • Industry’s footprint is relatively small and it successfully coexists with a variety of other activities, including intensive cropping, grazing, and organic farming.
  • A wide body of evidence shows that, properly regulated, unconventional gas developments do not threaten the environment or public health.
  • Natural gas is an essential commodity for modern Australia – for power generation and as an indispensable feedstock for manufactured products.
  • Technology used to extract unconventional gas has been widely used for decades.
  • The economic benefits to Australia, particularly regional communities are significant and lasting.
  • The industry generates highly skilled jobs, export dollars, and government revenue.

A copy of APPEA’s submission can be found at this link.

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