08 Jan 2015

NSW Labor’s call for a moratorium on the production of the state’s gas resources and its continued politicisation of natural gas is alarming news for 1.3 million natural gas users and natural gas industry alike.

At a time when household and manufacturing gas bills are rising, NSW has a well-documented looming energy security problem.

NSW currently imports around 95 per cent of its gas from other states and is facing the very real risk of supply shortages in coming years.

NSW has a coal seam gas industry that has safely delivered the cleaner energy source to users for more than a decade.

Yet the state continues to forego economic opportunity and the chance to breathe new life into struggling regional communities through the safe and well-understood process of producing natural gas.

It’s disappointing the new Opposition Leader has chosen to align his party with the Greens scare campaign via comments to the ABC today calling for a statewide moratorium on the production of natural gas from coal seams.

Such comments ignore both science and 60 years of demonstrated experience.

NSW regulated gas prices rose by more than 10 per cent last year, putting pressure on both households and the manufacturing sector. There are gas companies willing and able to invest in NSW and help put downward pressure on rising prices. Download PDF

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