08 Sep 2020

Oil and gas industry welcomes new NT Ministry

The Australian oil and gas industry has welcomed the new Ministry announced by Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner.

APPEA NT Director Keld Knudsen said: “APPEA looks forward to working with the new Ministry, particularly the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison in their new jobs and economy-focused roles as Minister for Major Projects and Territory Economic Reconstruction, and as the Minister for Mining and Industry.

“APPEA congratulates all NT Ministers on their appointment.

“The Northern Territory is home to a world-class natural gas industry that already makes a substantial contribution to the national and Territory economy and this will grow and continue to for decades to come.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to continue to turn the Territory’s existing and prospective natural resources into long-term prosperity, creating more jobs, driving investment and increasing economic growth.

“With abundant resources, access to key markets in Asia and a skilled workforce, the Territory is well positioned to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic and to capitalise on the emerging opportunities created by increasing global energy demand, particularly in Asia.

“Natural gas is a high value-adding product, and an essential energy source and feedstock for existing and future manufacturing opportunities.

“To support development and growth, the industry needs a stable, predictable and competitive regulatory regime which encourages exploration and development investment.

“We would like to acknowledge the significant contribution made by outgoing Minister for Industry and Primary Resources Paul Kirby. We thank Minister Kirby for his support of the industry over the previous term of Government.

“APPEA and its members look forward to working with the newly formed Government, all members of parliament and the wider community to get back to work and continue delivering significant benefits to all Territorians.”

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