10 Nov 2020

Oil and gas sector salutes Joel Fitzgibbon

Australia’s oil and gas industry sincerely thanks Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Resources Joel Fitzgibbon for his passionate advocacy of the resources sector.

APPEA Chief Executive Andrew McConville said Mr Fitzgibbon has been a champion for resources – especially oil and gas – and highlighted the importance of the sector for Australia’s economic wellbeing and growth.

“Mr Fitzgibbon has stood up for the resources industry as a key driver of the economy. It is an industry that provides significant wealth and investment for the nation and enables governments to deliver health, education and infrastructure commitments required for a modern economy,” Mr McConville said.

“His passionate advocacy and leadership for resources also helped restore bipartisanship to this important portfolio.”

Mr McConville said Mr Fitzgibbon recognised natural gas is essential for delivering a lower emissions future for Australia and to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

“Joel understood the importance of an orderly transition to a cleaner energy future, and the key role gas plays,” Mr McConville said.

“Australia’s oil and gas sector looks forward to working with Labor’s incoming Shadow Minister for Resources and supporting ongoing bipartisanship for the industry.”

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