02 Apr 2020

PVS Global Trade Australia provides chemicals and commodities for oil and gas drilling

First incorporated in 2012, in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India, PVS Chemicals and PVS Global Trade PVT Ltd (PVS) are major manufacturers, suppliers and worldwide bulk exporters of powdered and flaked chemicals.

In 2016, PVS established its first international branch office in Brisbane, under the PVS Global Trade Australia company name to accelerate expansion into the international marketplace.

The PVS manufactured product offering includes Barytes Powder, Barium Carbonate, White Barium Sulphate, Barium Sulphide and Sodium Sulphide Flakes.

Member profile – PVS Global Trade Australia is also involved in two-way trade between India and Australia.

PVS Global Trade Australia is also a bulk chemicals and minerals trading company which represents the products of its parent companies PVS Chemicals (India) and PVS Global Trade Private Limited, in the Australian, New Zealand and broader international region, as well as sourcing other chemicals from verified third party suppliers for its regional customers.

PVS Global Trade Australia is also involved in two-way trade between India and Australia by sourcing minerals and other commodities from Australia for its customers in India.

PVS caters to customers that purchase chemicals and materials in breakbulk or container lots of at least a 20’ (Full Container Loads (FCL) or greater and purchased either FOB India or CIF to the nearest major regional port.

PVS supplies chemicals and commodities to a wide variety of industries that include oil and gas drilling, glass and ceramics production, tanning industry, paints, pigments and dyes production, alkali production, cement and steel production and explosives production. PVS has quickly established itself within the Australasian region with a number of regular customers placing monthly supply orders.

PVS Group Managing Director Muni Kumar Pasupulati said the company prides itself on the quality of its products and the attention it gives to customer support.

“We aim to supply our customers with the highest quality product, for the best price, delivered on time in a form that meets the customer’s expectations; time and time again. Both manufacturing entities in India have achieved ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, with PVS Global Trade PVT LTD also achieving the exclusive API 13A accreditation for its drilling Barite (Barytes) production.”

PVS Global Trade Australia is delighted to be a member of APPEA as it views the oil and gas drilling and production industry as a flagship customer group.

PVS has close relationships with many of the major International drilling, oilfield supply and oil production companies in the Middle East, North and East Africa, and South-East Asia, and looks forward to working more closely with the APPEA members in the Australasian region.

For more information about PVS Group, visit www.pvschemicals.in or to discuss project requirements please contact one of the representatives below:

  • Muni Kumar Pasupulati – MD of the PVS Group – 0424 757 341
  • Carlos Bonilla – International Marketing & Sales Manager – 0418 177 570
  • Peter Jordan – Business Development Manager – 0480 101 171.