13 Aug 2013

The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association’s (APPEA) latest industry data figures for the first quarter of 2013 show landholders have now signed almost 4000 land access agreements with Queensland-based natural gas companies since 2011, while contributions to regional community projects and organisations have topped $100 million.

It is widely accepted that the gas industry’s growth in regional Queensland is bringing enormous economic benefit. But these figures also underline how a great deal can be achieved through open, transparent and informative negotiation based on mutual respect and trust.

Agriculture and the natural gas industry continue to work side by side.

While some difficulties were encountered in the early phase of the growth of the industry in Queensland, hard work and perseverance by gas companies and landholders are today showing others how it’s done.

As significant progress is made on Queensland liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects worth more than $60 billion, the NSW natural gas industry continues to languish amid uncertain regulation and a looming supply shortfall that has the potential to hurt both businesses and households.

In comparison to Queensland, just four land access agreements were signed in NSW during the first quarter bringing the total to 285. No new natural gas production wells were added in the state, which continues to import 95 per cent of its natural gas from other states.

The failure of NSW to respond to increasing gas demand and will have unfortunate consequences in the form of lost jobs and foregone economic opportunity. However the industry believes the solution to higher energy costs and the state’s energy security challenge is quite simple and people in NSW only need to look north of the Tweed to see how things can be done.

The natural gas industry recently launched a multi-million dollar national campaign to inform Australians of the escalating risks that threaten future jobs, investment, and the next wave of the resources boom.

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