22 Jul 2021

Marine environment: Santos teams up with AusOcean and Whyalla High for cuttlefish monitoring

Santos has partnered with AusOcean and students of Whyalla High School in South Australia to create a rig for monitoring local cuttlefish populations. Giant cuttlefish are cephalopods common to the Whyalla coast in the winter months from May to August, when they congregate to breed and lay eggs.

The waters offshore Whyalla are unique in this respect, marking the area as an important site for marine conservation. The city even includes a seasonal cuttlefish program calling attention to this unique sight.

For more information about the project, check out the video below:

Santos’ donation will go towards maintenance and operation costs of the rig, which was launched near Stony Point in the Spencer Gulf The rig.

Year 9 students were split into three groups to put together the rig’s plastics, metals, and electronics before assembly, including a camera for livestreaming and capability to measure salinity and surface water temperature.

Whyalla High School Science and STEM Coordinator Lauren Schwerdt said the project afforded the students an opportunity to commit to something that wouldn’t just impact the school, but the wider Whyalla community as well.

“[Santos] sponsored this program, and they’ve made a good donation to sponsor the maintenance and running of the rig to continue to assist us with that industry connection, which has been amazing,” Ms Schwerdt said.

A livestream from the rig can be viewed via YouTube here.