14 Jul 2017

State and Territory governments have been handed a successful roadmap for the development of their own natural gas industries to help boost domestic supply.

A report released by Queensland’s GasFields Commission shows how governments, local communities, landowners and gas companies can work together to deliver jobs and economic opportunities.

The report – On New Ground – details the lessons learned from the development of Queensland’s pioneering coal seam gas industry as well as the massive benefits that have been gained.

APPEA Queensland Director Rhys Turner said the report provides a clear pathway for other states to follow.

“There is no more room for excuses,” Mr Turner said.

“Australia needs more gas to put downward pressure on prices and Queensland’s gas industry has shown how it can be done.

“The GasFields Commission report also confirms the gas industry has delivered enormous benefits. We are talking about a $13 billion boost to the Queensland economy, more than 4,700 full-time jobs and almost $240 million in direct payments to landholders.

“A successful model for co-existence exists. All the hard work has been done. There is simply no reason why Victoria, New South Wales and the Northern Territory cannot be developing their own gas resources.”

Mr Turner said the Council of Australian Government’s Energy Council meeting in Brisbane today should endorse the immediate removal of all unscientific bans and moratoriums on onshore gas development.

“Numerous independent studies have shown that onshore gas development is safe,” Mr Turner said.

“State-based bans and restrictions are strangling gas supply and resulting in higher-than-necessary prices.

“Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel AO, says there is no place in Australia for bans and moratoriums on natural gas. Every project should be considered on its merits.

“This really should be a no-brainer. It’s not acceptable for some states to complain about gas prices while continuing to block new projects.”


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