16 Nov 2018

The Victorian Government’s absurd pledge to enshrine its ban on hydraulic fracturing in the state’s Constitution marks a new low point in Daniel Andrews’ deliberate campaign to drive up Victorian gas prices and encourage manufacturing business to leave the state, putting thousands of jobs at risk.

APPEA Chief Executive Dr Malcolm Roberts said the Victorian Government’s continued pretence that onshore gas development and farming cannot co-exist came as Victorian gas production continues to fall and the state is increasingly reliant on gas supply piped from Queensland.

Repeated scientific inquiries and reviews have concluded there are no risks associated with onshore gas development and hydraulic fracturing that can’t be managed or eliminated with proper regulation.

“Daniel Andrews’ populist push for inner urban votes will increase the price all Victorians pay for gas – and risks sending Victorian manufacturing jobs to Queensland and the Northern Territory; jurisdictions where Labor governments permit the safe, sustainable development of their gas resources,” Dr Roberts said.

“The reality is that Victoria has a gas supply problem and more supply is desperately needed to put downward pressure on prices.”

Dr Roberts said the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has warned that Victorian’s were already paying a 25 per cent premium for their gas due to the restrictions imposed by the Andrews Government.

“Unless new gas resources in Victoria are developed, families and businesses in the state will pay more than those in states continuing to develop new supply,” Dr Roberts said.

“As the ACCC has pointed out; shipping gas from Queensland to southern customers adds $2 to $4 in transport costs.

“Victoria cannot continue to rely on other states to solve its gas supply issues.  The state has significant local onshore resources but would rather import gas from other states or, incredibly, from overseas.

“It’s time the Labor Government recognised that the cheapest gas available to Victorian homes and businesses is the gas they are standing on. They need to get on and develop it.” Download PDF

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