25 Nov 2020

WA pipeline will help unlock new gas supply

An announcement by APA Group today to invest up to $460 million to build a new pipeline in Western Australia underscores the importance of increasing onshore exploration and development in WA to support the state’s economic activity, APPEA said today.

APA has reached Final Investment Decision on a new 580km Northern Goldfields Interconnect Pipeline in Western Australia, that will help to increase gas supply for local customers including mining companies, businesses, manufacturers and homes.

APPEA WA Director Claire Wilkinson said the proposed new pipeline highlighted the need for continuing development of oil and gas resources across WA to support the economy as it recovers from COVID-19.

“This new pipeline infrastructure is important as, once developed, it will help to open up new markets for gas developments in the Perth basin,” Ms Wilkinson said.

“WA is blessed with significant natural gas resources, and responsible development of these resources will provide lower emissions energy to the local economy and continue to form part of WA’s energy mix.

“In this case, once the pipeline commences operations it will in particular deliver reliable gas‑fired power to miners in the Goldfields wanting to complement their renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

“It’s another great example of how natural gas has flow-on benefits to other parts of the economy.”

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