20 Nov 2020

Recognising Australia’s farmers on National Agriculture Day

National Agriculture Day (AgDay) is an annual celebration of Australia’s farmers, who do so much to keep the country ticking with the supply of food and fibre. Now in its fourth year, it raises awareness of the crucial contribution the Australian agricultural industry makes by encouraging community celebrations across the country.

This year, considering the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, AgDay’s organisers are encouraging people to host a long table lunch where social distancing measures can be ensured. As the AgDay website states:

“On Friday 20 November, get the family or the community together, fold out the picnic table and chairs and raise cheers to all that is good about Australian agriculture and the people behind it.

“The backyard, the town hall, the local showground or even a paddock would make the perfect COVID-safe AgDay Long Table Lunch setting.”

APPEA recognises the importance of building strong links between the natural gas and agricultural industries. Over the past decade, Australian gas companies have negotiated nearly 6,000 land access agreements with farmers in Queensland alone, representing a direct injection of $50 billion into the state economy since 2011.

Farmers who allow access to natural gas works are protected as part of these agreements, subject to stringent terms that benefit all parties. The close tie between these crucial sectors has boosted farm infrastructure with minimal environmental impact, returning hundreds of millions of dollars and more than 66,000 gigalitres of water supply to our nation’s farmers for irrigation and other purposes.

Gas and agriculture share common, important goals, providing the means to deliver people the food, clothing, warmth, and energy they need to enjoy everyday life. Mutual support between farmers and gas companies helps to build regional communities, and benefits State and Territory governments with additional access to gas supplies for manufacturing and energy generation.

We acknowledge the hard work of farmers and farming groups such as AgForce and the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF), whose responsible co-operation with the natural gas industry have immeasurably benefitted both industries.

For more information about National Agriculture Day, visit agday.org.au.