The oil and gas industry supports effective, efficient and transparent regulation, based on sound science and research.

The industry must comply with overlapping State, Territory and Commonwealth laws which often lead to duplication, inconsistency or ambiguity and unnecessary levels of prescription.

APPEA contributes to regulatory reform initiatives, with policymakers and regulators, to limit regulatory burden and streamline approvals and compliance functions; without compromising environmental or safety performance.

At every opportunity, APPEA develops advocacy positions to enact positive change.  Our advocacy includes improving stakeholder engagement and understanding about our industry.

The Australian offshore oil and gas industry is subject to some of the world’s most stringent and rigorous environmental regulation.

Environmental legislation requires the following general steps:

  • An assessment of the impact the activities will have on the environment of the area (i.e. develop the information and assess the risk);
  • In most cases, the development of acceptable objectives that must be achieved in managing the environmental impact; and
  • A demonstration that the company has the financial, technical and management competencies to ensure the outcomes will be achieved.