Tony Noon Memorial Scholarship

The award is presented annually to Honours, Master’s or PhD students enrolled at an Australian university. The prize provides a one-off grant to a maximum value of $3,000.

The award aims to help students aspiring to, or considering, a career in upstream petroleum in any discipline directly related to the industry. This could include exploration, safety, engineering, environmental management, economic or legal areas.

Tony Noon worked at Australian Energy Producers from 1994-1998. His principal responsibilities were to the Health Safety & Production and Exploration Committees.

His work on these Committees was outstanding and his contribution to Australian Energy Producers and the industry was exceptional. Sadly, he passed away in September 1998 following a long battle with leukaemia. Subsequently, the Board approved the establishment of the Tony Noon Memorial Fund.

Funds cannot be used for any purpose other than as set out in the successful application. Australian Energy Producers reserves the right not to award the funds if it deems the applicants are not of a suitable calibre.

Award criteria

Applications must be attending the university in the year of application and must be an Australian resident or citizen.

Applications must provide details of the funds sought the purpose to which they will be applied, and a statement setting out how the applicant and their career will benefit.

Applications may seek support for:

  • travel within or Australia or overseas
  • attending an appropriate conference to present a paper or poster describing their original work in a petroleum-related discipline
  • work with relevant companies or academic institutions
  • other purposes relevant to the petroleum industry or the study of oil and gas.

Past Winners of Tony Noon Memorial Scholarship

  • 2019 Elliot Foley
  • 2018 Brennan O’Connell
  • 2017 Fernando Perez
  • 2016 Natalie Debenham
  • 2015 Curtis Armstrong
  • 2014 Shane Morrissy
  • 2013 Simone de Morton
  • 2012 Nicole Ditty
  • 2010 Joanna Kowalczyk
  • 2009 Peter Hoiles
  • 2008 No award
  • 2007 Hamed Soroush, Curtin University
  • 2006 Charles Gao, Curtin University
  • 2005 Elena Mazourenko, Flinders University
  • 2004 Patrick Tyrrell, University of New South Wales
  • 2003 Scott Dyksterhuis, University of Sydney
  • 2002 Victor Nguyen, University of New South Wales
  • 2001 Jason McKenna, Curtin University
  • 2000 Claire Wilhelm, University of Western Australia

KA Richards Scholarship

The KA Richards Scholarship was established in 1989 to encourage professional development to the benefit of the industry. The scholarship is tenable for one year of Master’s study or for three years full-time for a doctoral degree, or for an appropriate length of part-time study. It cannot be renewed or extended.

The Scholarship is available to Australian residents for study in Australia and is for a maximum of $10,000 per year. Funds can be used for:

  • living expenses
  • travel
  • materials
  • laboratory or computer services
  • fees.

The recipient of the award can hold the scholarship in conjunction with another and may be invited to deliver a paper at the annual Australian Energy Producers Conference.

Past Winners of the KA Richards Scholarship

  • 2018 Yazan Arouri
  • 2015 John McCullough
  • 2012 Adam Bailey
  • 2009 Paul Hofman
  • 2005 Julianna Franco