Introduction to the energy transition

Perth, WA (face-to-face) 17 October 2024 (8:00 am) AEST


The energy landscape globally is complex, dynamic and rapidly advancing towards net zero emissions.

Sourcing accurate information about new technologies, systems and challenges is a must for the busy professional, contractor, government policy maker, or those wanting to take advantage of the opportunities and mitigate the risks. 

This course uncovers the energy transition pathway, explores the global energy context, and examines carbon capture and storage technologies, hydrogen, ammonia, wind and solar and discusses the future of coal.

Armed with this knowledge, you will:

  1. Enjoy a deeper understanding of the new energy transition – its complexity and scope.
  2. Understand new energy technologies, their advantages, and limitations.   
  3. Interpret the global context of the energy transition from your company’s position.
  4. Better understand and be able to contribute to your company’s innovation and technological developments.
  5. Increase your understanding of the future and opportunities of the sector.

You will learn from Adjunct Professor Peter Moore, Curtin University, who will openly share his extensive experience in the new energy industry.

You’ll also learn from your peers as you discuss the content and share experiences.

Facilitated in small groups you will gain an invaluable knowledge boost not available elsewhere.

These seminars, delivered by Australian Energy Producers, are designed for the industry, by people from the industry who understand the key knowledge energy professionals.

Content overview 

Why we need an energy transition: Understand the economic and social effects of global warming and the significant global responses of government, financial and risk institutions, ESG concerns, IPCC climate models, net zero 2050 targets, solutions and more.

Global energy context and future scenarios: Discover the four trends dominating the future of global energy and the major concerns and challenges of the transition. You will learn about offsetting increasing energy needs, energy price shocks, the International Energy Agency’s energy scenarios, the financial investment required and other challenges for the transition.  

Australia’s energy system as a case study: You will be walked through Australia’s energy production history, flows, consumption, generation, and trade, as well as the rise of renewable energy in Australia and the country’s energy policy, approach to emissions reduction and more.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies: Your experts will guide you through carbon storage, concepts, technologies, the basics of CCS and strategic roles of CCS in the energy transition. The technology’s   global growth, pipeline, competition, and economics. The Australian context will also be explained as well as international case studies.

Hydrogen: We will explore hydrogen, the related technologies, challenges, production, supply, competition, demand, storage considerations and the global market, growth, and opportunities. We will also cover its use in transport, costs, exporting issues and the Australian hydrogen landscape.

Ammonia: You will receive an overview of ammonia, how it is manufactured, related technologies, storage, opportunities, the global picture and growth potential, the low-carbon project pipeline, competition, and economics. We will also review ammonia used as a marine fuel and the opportunities for the Australian market.

Wind energy: You will gain insights into wind power, the size and scope of the current industry, implications for design, offshore wind power, the global picture, and the Australian opportunity.

Solar energy: We will provide an overview of Solar PV and the size and scope of the industry, the global scale, and markets, how photovoltaics work, the benefits, challenges and opportunities, solar farms, Australia’s major solar projects and more.

Other low emissions energy sources: You will gain an insight into the evolving energy sources and a discussion of their main uses, technologies, pros and cons. We will cover bioenergy, hydroelectric power, nuclear power and batteries.

The future of coal: We discuss the future of coal in the context of the energy transition.  


  • This seminar is delivered via a 1-day face-to- face format
  • Participants will gain deep knowledge of the new energy transition pathway, the global energy context, CCS, hydrogen, ammonia, wind, solar, a summary of other low emission energy sources, and enjoy a discussion on the future of coal in this context
  • Numbers for each seminar are kept small for maximum learning opportunity
  • The most current information delivered by industry leaders with decades of experience


  • Fully facilitated eight (8) hours of learning
  • ‘Introduction to the energy transition’ booklet
  • Post-seminar survey to complete
  • Full day catering

Event Details 

Introduction to the energy transition

Delivered face-to-face

Perth, WA

17 October 2024

8:00am – 5:30pm


Member $495
Government $495
Non-Member $600
Student $180

 All costs are listed in Australian Dollars and include GST.

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Perth, WA (face-to-face)