14 Aug 2021

National Science Week 2021

Today marks the start of National Science Week, an annual celebration of Australia’s scientists that this year’s asks the question, ‘How will you science?’.

APPEA is proud to bring attention to National Science Week on behalf of the Australian oil and gas sector, which thrives with the expertise of STEM professionals. From engineers, programmers and technicians to biologists, roboticists and analysts, oil and gas benefits from a wide variety of STEM employees from all kinds of different sectors.

The Australian oil and gas sector is at the cutting edge of several innovations, including emissions reducing technologies such as carbon capture and storage (CCS) and hydrogen, in addition to safety and efficiency drivers such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and automation.

In addition, the industry makes use of advanced training technologies such as augmented reality (AR), which inputs virtual information into a viewer’s field of view, remote connectivity to machines and other assets, or virtual reality (VR) headsets that immersing wearers in realistic 3D worlds. These systems not only engage trainees on a visceral level but have also proven effective for virtual training during a transformative time shaped by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

APPEA members also help to foster the next generation of the workforce through funding for sponsorship, scholarship and trainee programs, including dedicated programs with schools, universities, and First Nations people.

From Woodside’s STEM-focused work in schools with Earth Sciences Western Australia to Buru Energy’s collaboration with the environmental cadets, or Santos’s recent marine environment collaboration with AusOcean and Whyalla High School, the industry has a proud history of collaboration with trainers and educators.

Throughout the week, in celebration of National Science Week, APPEA will be highlighting STEM success stories from the oil and gas industry on our social channels that highlight the innovation in the Australian oil and gas industry.

For more information about ongoing Science Week events, head to www.scienceweek.net.au.