The Australian Energy Producers Journal

The Australian Energy Producers Journal (previously known as The APPEA Journal) captures a complete record of upstream energy industry-leading knowledge, experience and solutions from the annual Australian Energy Producers Conference. Published to coincide with the conference, this world-class publication includes recordings of all presentations, including the Plenary presentations, the Panel Series and the Technical & Business presentations, plus the Peer-reviewed Papers or Extended Abstracts.

The APPEA Journal was published from 1961 to 2023. During this time, the journals reputation grew, as it documented the pulse of the Australian upstream petroleum industry. With the name change to The Australian Energy Producers Journal from volume 64, to be published in May 2024, it continues to be recognised as Australia’s Energy Industry’s leading peer-reviewed publication for information.

All presenters at an Australian Energy Producers Conference (previously an APPEA Conference) are required to provide a paper to support their work. The paper is either a Peer-reviewed Paper or an Extended Abstract. The content for all papers authored for an Australian Energy Producers Conference are required to be original, making them highly coveted.

Now Available
All components of The APPEA Journal (2023) are now available, providing material from the APPEA 2023 Conference and Exhibition.

  • The Journal contains all peer-reviewed papers of the technical and business presentations.
  • Supplement 1 contains all extended abstracts of the technical and business presentations.
  • Supplement 2 contains the technical and business Oral and Visual presentations. This will be the PowerPoint presentation or PDF visual presentation for every paper in the Journal and Supplement 1.
  • Supplement 3 contains session video recordings and PowerPoint presentations of all plenary sessions* and session video recordings of the Panel Series.

* where presented and permission granted

Perpetual online access to The APPEA Journal (2023) was provided to all full delegates who attended the APPEA 2023 Conference and Exhibition.

Individuals and companies are able to purchase perpetual online access to The APPEA Journal years 2017-2023. Click here for rates and contact details.

The APPEA Journal online archive is also available for a one-off purchase price this covers the years 1961 – 2016. For academic libraries, government departments and personal users, the archive access is perpetual. For Australian Energy Producers members, once subscribed, the archive access is available for as long as the company remains an Australian Energy Producers member. Click here for rates and contact details.

Australian Energy Producers has many hard copy journals to complete your personal or organisations collection. Please contact Sarah Hall at [email protected] for more information on available journals.

Be published in The Australian Energy Producers Journal
The Australian Energy Producers opens a call for papers in August and September to be involved in the following years Technical and Business Conference program. Australian Energy Producers welcomes papers from industry professionals on a broad range of issues for consideration by the Australian Energy Producers Editorial Board. Paper proposals include case studies, results of field experience or significant new knowledge or experience.

Call for Papers for the Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition to be held in 2024 is now closed. To ensure you receive notification of the Call for Papers for 2025, please subscribe here.

Code of Conduct for The Australian Energy Producers Journal
Publication in The Australian Energy Producers Journal requires authors to accept the following:

• Full disclosure of all references and any financial support that has been obtained from the research being published.
• Assurance that all authors who contributed to the research are included in the submission and that the data presented is real and authentic.
• If corrections or mistakes are required, the authors are obliged to provide retractions.

The Editorial Board has complete control on rejecting/accepting submissions. To this end, the Editorial Board will ensure there is no conflict of interest with respect to submissions. The Board will only accept submissions where it is reasonably certain that all codes have been met. Where errors have been made, the Board will promptly publish corrections or retractions.

CSIRO is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). This ensures The Australian Energy Producers Journal fulfils the criteria for best practice publication ethics and integrity and remains a multidisciplinary academic journal.

History of The Journal
Over 60 years ago, the Australian government was concerned at the lack of petroleum exploration and commissioned Institute Francaise du Petrole (IFP) to complete a national survey of the country’s petroleum potential. A group of local explorers, headed by Reg Sprigg, didn’t believe the results and set out to prove the IFP report wrong. The effort commenced with the formation of the Australian Petroleum Exploration Association (APEA) in 1960. APEA’s aim was to hold an annual conference where technical papers would be presented and published to move the fledgling Australian upstream industry forward.

The first APEA Journal was published in 1961, reflecting the papers presented at the annual industry event and the next decade resulted in the greatest period of petroleum exploration success Australia has ever seen!

In 1996, as the industry grew and matured, the association and the journal changed its name to the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA). 27 years later, The APPEA Journal moved from a printed book, to being available online, and continues to grow in stature, annually. The Australian Energy Producers Journal volume 64 will be published online in May 2024.

Since 2017, CSIRO Publishing has been working with Australian Energy Producers, previously known as APPEA, to produce The Journal annually. Australian-based and fully Australian-owned, CSIRO Publishing ensures content is hosted locally to serve to the world. All content is published online, with editorial standards and production methods at the forefront of e-publishing.

CSIRO Publishing is a science and technology publisher with a global reputation for quality products and services that has been publishing journals since 1948. CSIRO Publishing is an Australian- based and fully Australian – owned publisher and took over publishing The APPEA Journal in 2017. The APPEA Journal (2017-2023) is now available through the AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) Datapages/Archives.

Dr Steve Mackie
Editor-in-Chief, The Australian Energy Producers Journal
Chair, Australian Energy Producers Technical Program Committee
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Sarah Hall
Events Manager, Australian Energy Producers
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